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About Best Cord Blood

Our facility is committed to delivering only the best cord blood banking services with the highest ethical standards. We’ve been operating for over twenty years and pride ourselves on our quality customer service, knowledgeable staff, and the high standards that we follow to ensure you’re cord blood will be picked up immediately after delivery and rushed to our lab where it will quickly be processed to ensure optimal stem cell viability.

Our Mission

“Along with many doctors and scientists, we firmly believe in the potential of cord blood treatment used in regenerative medicine and for the treatment of diseases. Our company was founded to provide parents with affordable, accessible cord blood storage and processing services for their infant’s stem cells, and to also promote the use of cord blood stem cells as one of the leading treatment options for certain cancers, diseases, and illnesses. We accomplish this by educating our clients on why cord blood storage is so important and how it can help their family in the future. “

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Best Cord Blood Banking

Best Cord Blood Banking.

In a time when regenerative medicine is the next big thing, and a safe alternative to otherwise dangerous treatment options, our company can provide you with the peace of mind you need regarding the future health of your child and your entire immediate family.

If you’ve read up on cord blood banking and the many benefits and treatment options that are now available with regenerative medicine, then you know how important it is to find a reputable company you can use to bank your infant’s cord blood.

Because research continues to make new and important discoveries every year regarding the conditions and diseases that can be successfully treated with the use of cord blood stem cells, now is the time to act and prepare for the future.

A Company You Can Depend On

Our team of highly trained lab technicians and physicians work hard to ensure that our processing techniques produce the highest stem cell content than any other blood banking facility in the state.

We also focus on empowering our clients by providing them with the accurate information they need in order to make an informed decision regarding cord blood storage and processing.

Our facility believes that the processing and storage of stem cells must be strictly regulated, which is why we use only the latest, trusted processing methods that have proven to extract only the highest content of stem cells.

Our Services

Client Service

Our specially trained advisors will provide expectant parents with accurate and honest information regarding cord blood banking, which will enable them to make the best, informed decision for their family’s future medical health.

We provide top quality state of the art storage and processing services for parents, and a medical courier service that’s available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

We feel that all parents should choose whether or not they should store their infant’s cord blood, based on their needs and medical history. We also offer storage plans at prices that are very manageable during this already financially challenging time in their life, so even the family on a tight budget can afford cord blood storage.

To learn more about our qualified staff click here to read our About Us page.

Access to Our Medical Courier Service

We use only the best medical courier service in the state. Once your child is born, contact the courier service number included in your collection kit and a technician will be sent directly to your hospital room to pick up the cord blood, securely transport it, and ensure it’s processed as soon as possible. Our team of couriers is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This part of the process is simple, convenient, and designed to give new moms peace of mind that their child’s cord blood will be safely transported and processed.

A New Hope in Disease Treatment

Currently, cord blood has been approved for the treatment of eighty diseases of the immune system and blood.

Cord blood is loaded with immune system cells and stem cells. The uses of these stem cells continue to expand at a rapid rate. Cord blood stem cells work by helping to regenerate systems and tissues, which is why cord blood treatment has been categorized as regenerative medicine. Cord blood stem cells can also be used to boost the immune system after chemo or radiation treatment, promoting a shorter recovery time.

Making Medical History

This type of regenerative medicine has been approved by the FDA. To date, cord blood treatment has been performed thousands of times all over the world to treat anemia, certain types of cancers, metabolic disorders, orthopedic repair, and tumors.

Research continues to explore the different cord blood uses, offering exciting new alternatives to dangerous treatments. In fact, clinical studies are currently underway to determine whether cord blood treatment can have a positive impact on children with an autism diagnosis. Additionally, clinical studies are also focusing on the use of cord blood in dementia patients. These studies can give families hope for the future.

Stem Cell Content in Cord Blood

Cord Blood Banking Costs

Cord blood contains high levels of both stem cells and white blood cells. Typically, there is a significantly higher content of total nucleated cells in the blood than there are stem cells. The total nucleated cells are basically cells of the immune system and they help to protect the body. While on average, stem cells only make up 1/10th of the cord blood content, the blood is still considered a major source of hematopoietic cells.

A Treatment Option for the Whole Family

The immune system is designed to detect and rid the body of any contaminants. Because of this, stem cells cannot be transfused to just anyone, there must be a match. Otherwise, the immune system will mistake the transfused stem cells as a foreign body and attack. This condition is known as graft versus host disease and it can be a serious complication. Graft versus host disease can be mild in some cases, while in others it can be severe.

In order to prevent GVHD, and ensure the transplant is effective, using stem cells that match the genetic makeup of the person receiving the transfusion significantly increases the success of the treatment. Cord blood can be a perfect match for parents and siblings. Typically, siblings will have a twenty-five percent chance of being a perfect match. Parents will have a fifty percent chance of being a partial match. Studies have even shown that grandparents and other extended family members may also benefit from using cord blood.

Cord Blood Banking Costs

One of the main reasons parents often dismiss the idea of cord blood banking is the cost. But our affordable prices ensure that even families on a tight budget can afford our services and low annual costs.

At our facility, we pride ourselves in offering parents the opportunity to store their infant’s cord blood for the future, at a competitive price. Like some other leading cord blood banks, we also offer discounts for multiple births and long-term storage. Compared to our competitors, our initial and annual costs are very reasonable and affordable.

To learn more about the cost of cord blood banking click here.

An In-Depth Look at the Process

Cord blood banking is actually a very simple process. During this exciting and challenging time, we’ll be here to help you through the process, working closely with your physician to ensure it goes smoothly.

Here’s how it works:

  • During your third trimester, you will fill out the appropriate paperwork to get the process started. Next, you’ll need to undergo some routine testing to rule out any infectious diseases. This is a standard requirement put in place by the FDA.
  • Once the sign-up process has been completed we’ll send you a collection kit. The kit must be stored at room temperature and kept out of direct sunlight. We recommend storing it in the bag you plan on taking with you to the hospital.
  • Once you deliver your child, right before the placenta is delivered, your physician will cut the umbilical cord.
  • Inside the placenta and umbilical cord is roughly forty to one hundred milliliters of cord blood. Your physician will extract the blood and store it in the container that comes with your blood collection kit. This process is in no way painful to your or the infant.
  • After the blood has been obtained parents will call the facility’s twenty-four-hour medical courier number. Our courier service will schedule a transportation time and send someone out to immediately pick up the blood and rush it to our lab.

Processing the Cord Blood

Cord Blood Stem Cell Preservation

Once the courier delivers the cord blood to our lab, it will be quickly processed in order to ensure the viability of the stem cells. The first step in the process is testing a sample of the blood for any microbiological contaminants. The lab will also speak with the hospital to check on the mother’s test results. Next, the cord blood will be processed. This involves removing both red blood cells and plasma from the cord blood. This process ensures that the blood contains the highest amount of pure stem cells as possible. Red blood cells and plasma can both have a negative impact on stem cell treatment.

To learn more about how cord blood is processed and preserved, click here to read our article on cord blood stem cell preservation.

How We Work

If you’ve chosen our cord blood banking service, you’ll be informed as soon as your infant’s cord blood has been safely tested, processed, and stored. The extracted stem cells will be tested in order to determine the HLA type.

Client Testimonials

Nothing matters more than client satisfaction. Which is why our trained staff work to go above and beyond to meet the needs of every client.

We’re proud of the services we offer our clients. As you can read below, our friendly, knowledgeable staff work closely with all of our clients to ensure they receive the best quality care.

Our son Ryan was only two years old when he was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma. Of course, we were devastated and didn’t know where to turn or which course of treatment would be the most effective. Our son was so frail and weak after his second round of chemo, we just felt so helpless. Our son’s oncologist recommended regenerative medicine, which he felt would help our son to recover quickly. We felt so lucky that we had decided to bank Ryan’s cord blood. The stem cell transfusion was truly a miracle. Ryan is now four years old, healthy, and happy. The stem cell transfusion helped him to fully recover in a matter of a few weeks. We feel so grateful and blessed and can’t say enough positive things about our experience banking here.

Albert Myren, Fort Wayne, Indiana

When we stored our daughter’s cord blood at this facility, we hoped we would never have to use it. But the decision to store it ended up totally changing our daughter Rachel’s life. Rachel was diagnosed with speech apraxia when she was just eighteen months old. Speech apraxia is a type of disorder that affects motor functions. After Rachel received the first cord blood stem cell transfusion, we saw improvement during the first month. She went from being unable to speak to saying more than twenty words just six weeks after the transfusion. We highly recommend this facility.

Stacy Lennon,Denver, Colorado

With a family history of leukemia, I decided to bank Lauren’s cord blood. Knowing that there is a supply of cord blood that’s a perfect match for our child is really all the assurance I need that she’ll have the best treatment possible if there’s a diagnosis in her future. It’s been ten years and fortunately, we still haven’t needed to access her supply, but just knowing we can, even once she reaches adulthood, does wonders for my peace of mind.

Carol Jennings , Green River, Wyoming

To learn about client results and satisfaction with our service, you can read more client testimonials here.